It was a joy to be a part of our Whispering Pines Pop-Up Camp every day! We had a blast being able to play soccer with the campers and they always brought so much energy and positive attitudes! They were excited to talk to us about their days, anything that was on their mind, and to play their best in the games and activities that we had planned for them. All the campers were eager to listen and practice exactly what the coaches told them to do, no matter how silly of a drill it might have been. Some of the parents would stick around to watch their kids play and they were friendly and happy that their son or daughter was at the soccer camp. On the last day something amazing happened when a man approached Coach Ryan Burgher with soccer cleats that he wanted to give to the kids that did not have any soccer cleats. This act of kindness modeled a servant’s heart to us because this man gave with a joyful heart out of the resources that he had available to invest into the camper’s lives. We saw how the littlest thing such as wearing matching shirts with someone can make their day and put the biggest smile on their faces. It was such an honor to be able to provide dinner each night for the campers and tell them a story from the Bible about God’s love for them and how they can trust Him no matter what they might face in life. Both campers and coaches enjoyed being a part of this Pop-Up and are excited for coming years! This camp kicked off a great start to our Agaitas Pop-Up Camps, and we are all very excited to see what the Lord has in store for the rest of our camps this summer!


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