Sam (Hope College)

How do you balance being a believer and an athlete?

Having a balance between your relationship with God, athletics and life is key to success. Being devoted to do everything you do in the glory of His name helps me be a balanced believer and athlete. I find it very helpful to go early to practice, games, and even class to spend time praising Him and offering thanksgiving for what He has blessed me with! An athlete takes mental focus, concentration, and sacrifices to become successful. To continue to be a believer takes that exact same formula as an athlete, and that keeps me balanced!

What advice would you want to pass on to younger athletes about their sport and their faith?

Simple advice: NEVER be ashamed, quieted, or embarrassed of your walk with God in your sport. Everything that Jesus did was against the culture of the world, and that is still true today. Being a servant leader with a mind like Jesus is against the culture of world. Being strong mentally and strong spiritually is against the culture of the world. God wants and needs to be in every part of your life, including sport! As Christians, we have a mind like Christ. Christ is a part of us, and that is AMAZING! Through trials and failures, Christ is with us! Never be embarrassed about your faith, because you can be a disciple to your teammates!


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