AGA Athlete: Kirsti (USSSA Pride/University of Florida)

“I am an athlete and have been blessed with great gifts but none of it would be possible without God. So really I’m not sure if there is a balance. I try to do what is best and what God would want me to do striving to always be like him. To be a good example for kids to show them we can be Christians and athletes all in one.

Softball is a sport that brings me great joy and gives me so many ways to reach so many people I want to be able to use that to possibly bring them to know the Lord the way I have.

Sometimes people just see us at the top and think it was an easy journey that there were no struggles. I struggled everyday, with my faith, and with softball. Most of my college career I thought I could do it on my own and drifted away. Looking back now I’m sad I did that but now with my faith stronger than ever I understand that things happen for a reason and God was always leading me back to him. We struggle, it’s not given to you on a golden pedestal but trusting and going through the journey with him will make it all worthwhile.

My faith is the center of my life. It is that rock that never moves and something that will always be with me. We want championships and stats but those will come and go the love God has for us never will. Softball is amazing and I love it and I thank God everyday for everything I have. It took me a while to understand this but now that I have I want to use softball in any way I can to praise him.”


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