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Welcome to AGAITAS

Love and Truth

AGAITAS exists to use athletics to provide opportunities for leadership, personal development, and real life change through Christ.

Our organization is called AGAITAS (Ah-gah-tas) the name combines the Greek word for love (Agape) and the Latin word for truth (Veritas). We love because we know the truth. We shaped our organization on the story of Jesus and the feeding of the 5,000 in John 6:9. Jesus used a boy, who had little, to bless a large group of people. We wanted to do the same. God gave me the small ability to play and coach soccer, so I wanted to use that to impact people.

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It’s more than awesome, my son looked forward to it every week and didn’t want it to end, and they learn so many skills and can improve in such a short amount of time!

Adam H.

AGAITAS Athlete: Sam (Hope College)

Men's Soccer

Hope College

NEVER be ashamed, quieted, or embarrassed of your walk with God in your sport. Everything that Jesus did was against the culture of the world, and that is still true today.

AGAITAS Athlete Kirsti



"We want championships and stats but those will comes and go- The love God has for us never will"

AGAITAS Athlete Whitney (Butler University)


Indianapolis, Indiana

"I know that at the end of the day, my worth is not measured by wins, loses, points scored. turnovers, ect. The only thing that matters is who I am and how God views me."

AGA Athlete: Anika (UCLA)

UCLA Bruins Women's Soccer

Los Angeles, California

"Playing soccer is one of the unique ways I get to worship my God and creator."


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